7 interesting fact about food you might don’t know


In this post we talk about many facts you might don’t know or may be know whatever let’s start.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             HONEY enters the  the blood  stream  in less than 20 minutes.this occurs because it has already been digested  by bees.and you might don’t know honay is the result of bee vomit.




 We all eat potatoes chips but do you know Potatoes absorb WI-FI signals and are used to test or improve internet signals on Airplanes.






  Eating chocolate before studying or taking rest,increase your chances of understanding any piece of information.so lets start to eat chocolates.






   Pineapple are international symbols of welcome and are a symbolic way of saying that” you are perfect” when presented to someone





    we all know about tomato ketchup.we use in daily life but do you know in the 1800’s ketchup as considered to be a medicine and was used to treat  NAUSEA and DAIRRHEA.It was also believed that consuming ketchup regularly helped keep up the immune system.





 we all know that banana contain high amount of potassium but,they are also naturally radioactive.Banana  contain potassium -40,which is a radioactive isotype of potassium






.it is also called FUGU,the puffer fish is a delicacy in asian countryies such as JAPAN.but preparing the fish is exceptionally complicated and dangerous.if you consume the wrong part of the puffer fish you will be killed instantly as the fish toxin is 1200 times deadlier than 





so this is the some interesting facts hope you like it.



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