john cena comeback on 4th july 2017 in smackdown


 John cena comeback is nearly conform on this smackdown

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john cena comebackhello everyone if you  are a die heart john cena fan and  you feel WWE without John cena is boring,and you have not been watching the world wrestling entertainment(WWE)  for a long time, so the time has come that you go back to the wwe on this week,your wait is over.

we all know john cena is a type of wrestler who never give up in any condition.John cena also holds the record for winning the highest number of wwe championships.John cena won 16 times wwe championship most by any wrestler.

last match that john cena played was a tag team match which he played in was a tag team match and john cena partner was nikki bella.

they won the match easily and after this john cena proposed nikki bella in the middle of the ring.

Since then they don’t come on television,John cena was busy in his upcoming movie,whose trailer has also been released.

Now it has to be seen that what does the difference on TRP rating of smackdown from the arrival of John cena,so let’s see.

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