How to recognize fake news,images and articles

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How fake news and articles recognized by Dhruv Rathee

Hello viewers, in this post we talk about how we can recognize fake images,news and articles which circulate on social media.Basically now a days it is being seen  that the social media has become a tool for spreading fake images,news and articles and many people believe  in it without proper  knowledge on the topic.

click here to watch the truth of viral images of narendra  modi

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How can we identify the fake news,images and article?

If there is any fake news on your whatsupp and facebook and you want to know if this is true or not, you can find out by searching the keywords of that article  on Google you will know the real truth

If you want to check the viral image is photoshopped or not you can go to to some websites like or and upload the image you will know the complete information of these images where this image is used.

Watch this video, you will understand

click here to watch directly on you tube.

After watching this video, now it can be expected from viewers that before sharing the content  you must confirm that whatever you  sharing  is true or photoshopped.

I think now that you have understood how to recognize fake images,fake news and fake article after  watching this video.


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