Top 5 best Tag team in WWE history


Best Tag Team in wwe history

Hello viewers, in this article we talk about the best Tag Team in WWE over last decades.And we will also present some facts  that you will have to accept the rating


best tag team

undertaker and kane(the brother of destruction)

There is no doubt that both of them are superstars of the past 20 years.But when they both came together to fight then it would have been only destruction of the opponents,although they are brother and  both of them also fought a lot.

But whenever a group of people attack them so these to become a tag team and then both of them kill the entire team even if there are so many members in the other team it doesn’t matter at all that why this team is called brother of destruction.

4.) Legion Of Doom, Tag Team

Tag Team

You probably did not hear about these two,But these two are the very dominant  Tag Team Champions of their time in WWE history.The Road Warriors made their WWE debut in 1990 as the Legion of Doom, they defeated The Nasty boys in summerslam in 1991 for tag team champion ship from there they became famous.


Tag Team

If you watch WWE, then you definitely know both of these they are the most clever, agile  and acrobatic players of all time.If you talk about understanding between these two that was also mind blowing between the fights.they perform such type of action that opponent could not understand

2.) Edge and christian,Tag Team

Best tag team

There is no such specific name for their tag team But both of them were very good at their time,they beat the very strongest tag team to become a champions.both of them started their career separately and ended their career separately But still in his career they became champions many times.

1.) THE SHIELD,Tag Team

best Tag team

basically this was a three member team,This team did not make tag team champions more often, even though this team remains at number one because of their destruction of their opponents they destroy their opponents so badly.And they also beat the Tag Team of big players like John cena,Ryback and Sheamus and many big superstars.

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